Eric J. Winston founded 32Square in 2013 as a natural extension of his fabrication company SFDS . Eric fell into design over the years dealing with clients that loved his ideas and came to him instead of hiring other designers. 32Square was founded on the concept of design within reason: taking a client concept and giving them a design that they can afford! Eric watched over the years as he bid out projects and watched them fail before they even began because they were designed for the designer and not for the client and their needs.

32Square designs from a builder’s perspective, that is not to say there is no creativity, in fact, we find there is much more. Our clients are happy because they see what they are going to get and then they actually get it. No surprises, no ballooning budgets.

When your designer is actually part of the entire build decisions can be made on the fly and projects do not fall behind.

We started with event design and moved into retail design and from all of that we started into product design, with the direction of little waste and maximum material you get 32 Square = 32 square feet = 1 standard sheet of 4′ x 8′ material. Our first product was a series of lighting fixtures with a nested design that could be produced using a single sheet of wood with minimal waste. They worked, they looked great, and our dumpsters were empty.

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